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The Series 

Welcome to Inner Om, The Series, a selection of transformative workshops tailored from PJ's heart to yours. Each series was birthed from either personal experience or passion. Each individual series is designed to guide you on a journey from your head to your heart, your inner OM. Each series within this collection embodies its own unique essence, offering you an invitation to deepen your connection with yourself and in turn the world around you. With a deep understanding of the human experience, PJ has curated a collection that addresses various aspects of personal growth, healing, and self-discovery.

If you would like to bring the magic of Inner Om- The Series to your space or arrange a private function, PJ is available to host these series, tailoring them to suit your needs. Whether it's a personal event or within a work environment, PJ's expertise and genuine care will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Currently, PJ regularly facilitates these series in Geelong, so be sure to check the home page for upcoming events. Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, as we explore the depths of our hearts and unlock our true potential with Inner Om's, The Series. 

Inner Om with PJ Untold Workshop


Through our storytelling their voices are heard.

Inner Om with PJ Embrace Workshop


The gift that is you. 

Inner Om with PJ Honour Workshop


The season within. 

Cherry Tree
Full Moon

Untold; through our storytelling their voices are heard

Inner Om with PJ Logo

A safe space for women to come together to be heard, seen and held as they share their story/stories of pregnancy loss.


This workshop is for women who have experienced pregnancy loss at any stage of pregnancy. This includes miscarriage, ectopic, TMFR or personal reasons, stillborn and newborn deaths. For women to share their babies stories and safely begin, or continue with their healing journey. The workshop is an open age group, welcoming women who may have experienced pregnancy loss, weeks, months, years or decades ago. This workshop is for women with both children earth side and in spirit. This workshop will enable women to use their voice when they may have suppressed it due to shame or fear, reconnect their relationship to their mind and body, release stored emotions/grief and loss. There is also an opportunity to connect to the spirit of their child in a lovingly held space. For women who are curious and want to explore their spiritual/soulful relationship with their spirit baby. Creating a connection that is not just for the day of the workshop, but one they can take into their life. Benefits are connecting with women who may become a support network, be part of the revolution to break the silence/stigma and taboo nature of an experience shared by so many women. To normalise the conversation for women to come, to know they’re not alone. To have the time to consciously reconnect to their body and themselves.


[ To be heard] We begin with a Sharing Circle and an introduction “ Hi my name is Penny, daughter of Tina, granddaughter of Lesley, Nancy & Wanda, mother of Winter etc”. Then women are invited to share their story of pregnancy loss/why they are here today (for women to be heard without solution or conversation). 

[ To be seen] Eye Gazing - to be seen without the labels which can be self-received or projected by others). Each woman will be given an envelope. After each eye gaze (3-5 min) each woman will write what they learnt from the other (positive), or what did they see in the other person on paper. This paper will be put in the other persons envelope for them to keep. When they go home, they will have a collection of messages from other women. 

[ To reconnect] Yin Practice. The theme of the yin practice will be reconnecting women to their bodies. Women may hold shame, anger and resentment towards their body due to pregnancy loss. This Yin practice will allow them to reconnect lovingly to their bodies whilst also allowing them to release stored grief, emotions and experiences through Mind, Body, Breath and Stillness.

Cherry Tree
Inner Om with PJ The Series

Embrace; the gift that is you

Inner Om with PJ Logo

Embrace; is a fusion of practices woven together with Tantric beliefs. These practices include Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Journalling and a Sharing Circle. 

Tantric’s believe that all emotions are valid and need to be felt until they are processed to therefore be released. We can become disconnected from ourselves for a multitude of reasons whether it’s due to transitions, life challenges, grief, loss and disconnect from identity to self or others.


This workshop is an opportunity to peel the veil back, go inside and embrace the raw, real, authentic version of you. Whatever you find is welcome. Consciously taking the time to return to the gift that is you. 



Yin- to reconnect.

The theme of the yin practice will allow you an opportunity to connect to your body. Our bodies store all of our big emotions and experiences. This practice it will allow you to start releasing stored grief, emotions and experiences through Mind, Body, Breath and Stillness.


Yoga Nidra- to explore 

During times of disconnection it’s easy to lose your sense of self & that connection to your internal world. This Yoga Nidra will guide you to reconnect and draw you back to your natural inherent self. 


Sound healing- to rest 

Rest in the stillness of Savasana as the crystal singing bowls shift your energy, clear blockages and restore you mind, body & spirit to a balanced state. This experience will create an environment of resonance within your body. 

Cherry Tree
Summer Festival

Honour; the season within

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Honour; the season within invites you to connect your mind, body and spirit to the natural biorhythm of nature. Using a blend of three modalities you will be invited to contemplate, turn inwards and restore your equilibrium to the current season. 


Yin Yoga-
In Yin Yoga you will be invited to fold forward and turn inwards to the stillness of self. This workshop will teach you how Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine Theory go hand in hand, as we explore which organs and element rules Spring. You will learn how to identify when you are in and out of balance & discover ways to attune yourself once more.

Yoga Nidra- 

Yoga Nidra is the state of awareness between wakefulness and sleep, it is where you sleep yourself awake. Seasonal yoga Nidra invites you to welcome the changing of the season whilst welcoming equilibrium.

Sound Bath- 
Rest in the stillness of Savasana as the crystal singing bowls shift your energy, clear blockages and restore you mind, body & spirit to a balanced state. This experience will create an environment of resonance within your body. 

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