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The Beginning

Welcome to Inner Om with PJ, where I invite you to embark on a transformative journey from your head to your heart. My intention is to guide individuals on a path of self-discovery and inner knowing, inspired by the ancient origins of the OM.

Inner Om evolved from the belief that the universe resides within each and every one of us, where all the answers we seek await us. By tapping into the power of the OM, the sacred primordial sound and symbol that represents the essence of creation, I encourage individuals to explore their inner realms and connect with their true selves.

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Inner Om Yoga Series. Workshops and events in Geelong.
Inner Om with PJ Events and Workshops

In a world often filled with noise and distraction, Inner Om provides a sanctuary for individuals to find solace and go inward. I hold space for people drop out of the constant chatter of the mind and into the wisdom of the heart. By embracing our own inner om it enables us to cultivate a deeper connection to ourselves, the universal energy which connects us all and in turn the world around us. 

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