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Wonderful for Meditation!


Selenite Harmonisers bestow a sense of balance by creating a pillar of light, so that when you hold one in each hand, you have balanced light surrounding your entire being. It creates a very powerful light frequency for you to connect to higher conciousness whilst enveloping you with healing, protection and a sense of serenity as you meditate. 


When you hold the selenite in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm and serene as the energy of light begins to fill your mind and body.

Selenite is believed to calm, heal and balance the body in a gentle and protective way. When you cleanse your body or home with a selenite cleansing stone, you notice a shift in the energy. There is lightness to your body and space that wasn’t there before. Selenite also protects you from your own emotions, allowing you to heal in a safe and secure environment. 

Selenite Harmonizers

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